Later funds investing in companies we have cultivated, where we know the team, strategy and have seen execution success in sectors that are still in the high growth stage.

Best of Vickers is important for our risk mitigation strategy that sets a firm foundation, which has gestated a success rate of 72% with 50% of the successes being home-runs.


We look for sustainable business models with competitive edges; platform plays are key to our portfolio risk mitigation as we are investing.

This reduces the risks as regardless of the success of the various verticals in each of our target sectors, as long as the sector grows, the platform will grow too.


The single most important factor in our investment screening is people. A great entrepreneur with strength of character can pivot a failing business model into one able to cross the chasm and become a success.


Our Macro Trends play which draws on our investment committee experience and nuanced big picture understanding has been key to beta risk reduction and portfolio diversification because sound investment is not subject to trends.