Dr. Khalil Binebine

Senior Consultant

Dr. Elkhalil Binebine joined Vickers in 2005 and was an executive member of the Investment Commitee till  2018. He has remained as senior consultant to Vickers to help source deals and investments from his global network of individuals and institutions. Before joining Vickers, Khalil represented investment funds including Carlyle, Central Partners and Castle Harbor. Prior to entering the world of finance, Khalil was a practicing M.D. in New York and served as the personal physician of Malcolm Forbes, who was instrumental in assisting him in developing his contacts and gaining experience as an investor. 

Khalil graduated from the University of Bordeaux and earned an M.D. from La Sorbonne. He is a member of the Arab Banking Association of North America. He is fluent in Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew and Portuguese.