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Tackling Obesity: A New Wave of Drugs are Changing the Narrative on Losing Weight

Healthy weight gain has preoccupied humanity for centuries, with obesity being the dominant health concern of modern times. While there have been many attempts over the course of history to manage weight gain, from ancient use of herbs and plants to modern-day surgical interventions, a sustainable and long-term solution has remained elusive. But recent advances in our scientific understanding of obesity’s root causes have produced breakthroughs in our ability to treat and manage the disease.

Vickers Pulse
January 2023

Kidney Dialysis Technologies: Innovations, Challenges and Opportunities

Several Innovations have emerged in the field of portable kidney dialysis that promise to make dialysis easier, more convenient and improve patient outcomes. We discuss the macro-trends in the dialysis market and highlight some of the technologies enabling this shift.

Vickers Pulse
October 2022

Innovations for Next Generation X-ray Imaging

Since their discovery in 1895, X-rays have given us the power to “see” inside everything from buildings to the inner workings of the human body. Successive advancements to improve x-ray imaging have sparked exponential changes in a range of industries, especially in healthcare. However, there has always been a trade-off between dose and image quality: low radiation doses are safer but result in reduced quality images, while high doses are toxic and damaging. Here, we highlight innovations in a diversity of fields in the quest to develop advanced X-ray imaging systems that provide the holy grail of high-resolution and low radiation dose in a scalable device.

Media & Press

Media & Press
November 12, 2023

Lianhe Zaobao: 悉看大势:寒冬中保存“干火药” 创投公司培养新独角兽

Media & Press
October 26, 2023

e27: How AWAK alleviates dialysis patients’ pains using a lightweight device

Media & Press
October 3, 2023

KrAsia: Singapore’s plastic recycling conundrum: Could bioplastics hold the key?

Media & Press
September 25, 2023

Singapore Business Review: AWAK raises $27.1m Series B funding